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6/15/19 Zack's video of the week was just uploaded. Enjoy. June 13th Brand new updates: Three featured movies DVD 319 Constantinos and Tauro can also be downloaded to own now in M2D along with DVD 311A . Gforce in leather with cigars. And a new favorite Pavel with cigarettes. And coming in just 12 hours a brand new never seen before video of Zack and Wayne with cigars. You know Zack loves his blowjobs and french kissing with smoke.

I am now working on new clips to download to own. And a new photo gallery.

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Random Models
Peter Latz
This is Peter Latz, who loves to smoke before a competition because he says it brings out his vascularity.
Brenden Cage
Brenden was a champ in the filming of everything else.
Damien Vincenti
Damian is not a regular cigar smoker. But he's still a hot fucker with a cigar.