Tauro Manuel Torres and Mario Manuel Torres Tauro & Mike Diesel Zack

Eric York with new clips to download on his model page. DVD 206

August 28th new photos of Rick Hammersmith from DVD 231 Bondage cop and cigarette smoke sex on his model page.
New clips along with the old clips are being moved to their model pages. The clip page will remain the same and include clips from models who do not have a model page.

If you get a broken link in photos, refresh, the photos are still loading.
What are Assorted Videos? These are videos from models who don't have a model page.
Assorted Videos can be found on the home page by clicking on the assorted banner. Assorted Photos can be found under the Photo tab.

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Random Models
Bob Atlas
This is the best that Bob has ever looked, 240 pounds of solid muscle.
Duke Rivers
Duke has a hard time taking just the head of it.
Luke is no angel angle and knows what he likes.